Bradley's Tea

Bradley's Tea

Axxent Masters in Tea develops premium tea concepts in innovative packaging that delight the senses and fire the imagination. One of its brands is Bradley’s Tea, which is a full range of tea boxes, teabags and loose tea for the hospitality trade.
Bradley's logo - TEA Reinvented


Brand strategy

Logo design

Concept development

Packaging design

Product packaging development (50 x)



Image processing

Display boxes

Presentation set

Tea-glass and saucer

Axxent Bradley's Piraminis overzicht - verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Bradley's Piramini zakje English Blend - Verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Bradley's Tea Piramini's - verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Packaging design by BTM - Bradley's Tea Piraminis


‘Tea brand Bradley’s needs a boost. The brand needs to be made relevant again, including a new and differentiating packaging design for the various concepts within the brand.’


BTM redeveloped the brand identity from scratch, with the new brand promise ‘Tea reinvented’. After that, we designed a new logo and visual identity.

For the individual packaging of each pyramid tea bag, each flavour of Bradley’s Tea Piraminis was given its own colour and number, so people could try different numbers or remember their favourite. The beautiful tea box and accompanying glass cup and saucer made the concept complete. We also utilized this concept for the colourful Bradley’s Favourites boxes of 10 bags of lovely tea.

Axxent Bradley's Favourites overzicht - Verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Theezakje Bradley's Favourites Red Fruit Infusion - Verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Bradley's Favourites Red Fruit Infusion - Verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Axxent Bradley's Favourites - Verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Axxent Bradley's tea logos - logo design by BTM
Bradley's Piraminis - Packaging design by BTM

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