NIZO, for better food & health

NIZO, for better food & health

NIZO was founded in 1948 stemming from the desire to help the dairy industry to improve its products. Things moved fast from there, and NIZO has since become a leading international contract research centre specializing in bacteria, proteins and process optimization. NIZO works together with the industry to develop new products, from Kernhem cheese to the flavour of Colgate toothpaste.
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Brand Passport Nizo - Corporate Design by BTM


‘Because of so many activities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to say in one sentence what NIZO does. We seek proactive and professional support to develop a brand strategy, define our brand identity and revamp our outdated house style.’


Over the course of several strategy sessions, BTM firmly established the brand identity and came up with the tagline ‘For better food & health’ and the payoff line ‘Innovating together’. Our design for the new visual identity really conveys their strategy and promise. Using our 360-degree Brand Design model, we designed and developed all the relevant brand touch points: a powerful logo, impactful business cards and letterhead, an inspiring internal brand passport, contemporary web design, various leaflets, posters, PowerPoint presentations and a report template. And we orchestrated them for maximum visual synergy.

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360 graden Brand Design Model 2.0 - Nizo

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