PLUS Moment

PLUS Moment

PLUS RETAIL is all about good food. Which is why PLUS goes for pure and fresh products with a clear origin and loads of flavour. Year after year, PLUS has been proclaimed the greenest supermarket in the Netherlands – with their focus firmly on customer service, local products and the largest fair-trade offering. After all, their promise is: ‘Good food. That’s what we like.’
Plus Moment - Logo ontwerp door BTM


Brand strategy

Brand name development

Logo design

Packaging design

Product packaging development (450 x)

Photography support

Brand manual

Product development


Icon design

Plus moment pizza's - verpakkingsontwerp door BTM


‘Develop the brand strategy, brand name and inspiring packaging design for a new PLUS private label. Higher quality than PLUS basic private label and at class A brand level. And develop this, including photography support and copywriting, for more than 400 special products.’


We came up with the brand name ‘PLUS Moment’, the idea being that these wonderfully delicious products turn special moments into feel-good moments. Not just for the holiday season, but all year round. With a recognizable logo and an accessible and attractive packaging design whose taupe panel is recognizable through the whole supermarket.

Plus Moment fotografie vrouw boodschappen mand
Plus moment Risotto - verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Packaging design by BTM - Plus Moment
Plus moment Olijven & Grappa - verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Plus moment fotografie Bruchetta
Plus moment Ajam Betawi - verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Plus moment slagroomijs - verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Plus moment Groot Brood Spelt - verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Plus moment brood appetite
Plus moment australian bonbons - verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Plus moment Gekookte kreeft - verpakkingsontwerp door BTM

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