Wijngaard Kaas

Wijngaard Kaas

The Wijngaard family matures its cheeses under very special ripening conditions in its historical cheese warehouse in Woerden – beautiful and tasty. The cheese makes its way to consumers via the Wijngaard Affineurs brand, but also via the Reypenaer brand, which more and more of today’s best restaurants are proud to serve.
Wijngaard kaas pakhuis illustratie


Design of various logos

Reypenaer packaging design

Affineurs packaging design

Product packaging development (40 x)

Correspondence set

Decoration of tasting room in Amsterdam

Folders and leaflets


Demonstration stands

Exhibition stand

Trude lettering

Promotional materials

Photography support

Le Guillotin

Reypenaer XO reserve - Verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Reypenaer Affine - Verpakkingsontwerp door BTM
Rien en Jan Wijngaard - Reypenaer kaas
Reypenaer folders - Design door BTM
Reypenaer Kaas close up


BTM has been working for Wijngaard Kaas for 22 years now, with numerous projects large and small for packaging design, house style design, ad development, promotional materials, interior design of their tasting room, etc.


Cheese is a natural product that is difficult to put into standard packaging. During the past years, we put our heads together with Rien van den Wijngaard to find the best way to present their cheese concepts and brand them as ‘artisan’ for the more upmarket restaurants and discerning consumers.

Our design for the Reypenaer cheese wedges is unique and won the Gouden Noot award for packaging innovation. In addition, we have also designed the delectable Affineurs speciality cheeses, which we sampled sometimes when nobody was looking!

Wijngaard Affine affineurs smaakkaasjes
Reypenaer wijngaard kaas logos
Wyngaard kaas concept store
Reypenaer concept store
Reypenear guilotine - Designed by BTM
Wyngaard Chevre affine
Reypenaer wijngaard - kaas pakhuis
Reypenaer wijngaard pakhuis

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